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The Perfect Offering - Heppington

The Perfect Offering

We’ve all done our best. Herbal tea and hot chocolate was a good way to get over Christmas. But that empty wine rack, once full of promise is craving to once again be adorned in the finest wines. 

Heppington Chardonnay & Sparkling Rose

February is finally here and we want to share our two favourite winter bottles and how Heppington’s latest offerings can turn the lights up on an otherwise dark winter night. 


Heppington’s 2021 Chardonnay

This bright, ripe oaked chardonnay offers shelter from the chill with it’s mineral tonality, flavours and woven textures. 

Like any hero, it needs a side kick and we’ve always recommended something light or fresh such as an English Brie from your local Deli, which in our case is the wonderful Gibsons Farm Shop 

You might also want to have a bottle spare for the next time you cook some chicken. It’s fresh orchard palette takes the dulcet tones to operatic levels of pleasure.    

For our vegan friends, we’ve received great compliments when serving it with a mushroom pate or risotto which balances the wine perfectly!  


Heppington’s 2019 Sparkling Rose

Let’s get popping again! The tables set but those winter dinners always take longer than the recipe says. Enjoy the time difference with Heppington’s Sparkling Rose! 

Crafted from hand-harvested Pinot Noir, Pinot Menier and Chardonnay. 

The wine spent 2 years on the lees, which helped develop its rich flavours. The Flavours of ripe strawberry and raspberry, balanced with crunchy redcurrant acidity this wine can be complemented with lighter starters like fresh salads, soft cheeses or seafood. The rest of the bottle can be left on the table cutting through rich sauces like a sharp scyth. 

Make sure to take advantage of our in-house prices including free delivery of all cases to the British mainland and sign up to our mailing list for 10% off your first order 

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